Skeptical Theism: New Essays

Skeptical Theism: New Essays

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Given that we meet evils in every quarter of the world, could it be governed by an all-good and all-powerful deity? Whilst some philosophers argue that the problem of evil is strong evidence for atheism, others claim that all of the evils in our world can be explained as requirements for deeper goods. On the other hand, skeptical theists believe in God, but struggle with the task of explaining the role of evils in our world. Skeptical theism tackles the problem of evil by proposing a limited skepticism about the purposes of God, and our abilities to determine whether any given instance is truly an example of gratuitous evil. This collection, of 22 original essays, presents cutting-edge work on skeptical theistic responses to the problem of evil and the persistent objections that such responses invite. Divided into four sections, the volume discusses the epistemology of sceptical theism, conditions of reasonable epistemic access, the implications for theism, and the implications for morality.The Wisdom to Doubt: A Justification of Religious Skepticism (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press). ... (2014). a€œSkeptical Theism and Skeptical Atheism.a€ In Skeptical Theism: New Essays (eds. Trent G. Dougherty and Justin P. McBrayer) (Newanbsp;...

Title:Skeptical Theism: New Essays
Author:Trent Dougherty, Justin P. McBrayer
Publisher:OUP Oxford - 2014-07-03


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