Skilful Time Management

Skilful Time Management

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Aca‚nEœI was getting badly behind with my work Aca‚na€œ missing deadlines and not covering essential ground. PeterAca‚na„cs practical suggestions have helped me prioritize my tasks, make much better use of my time, and get back on track.Aca‚na„c BSc Economics student Are you, like many other students, faced with complex and often conflicting demands on your time? Do you feel as though you're constantly under pressure to make difficult decisions about what task to get on with next? Do you find having irregular deadlines superimposed on top of your weekly timetable a headache to deal with? This book is designed to help you cope with academic demands in a way that makes best use of your time Aca‚na€œ and puts you in control of your life. It is based on the principle that an ounce of organization can save you a ton of struggle. It shows you, among other things, how to Create a time-use strategy and put it into practice Plan your weekly routine Prioritize tasks, and manage two or more tasks at once Use your time productively Overcome blocks to getting started on tasks Make sure you meet deadlinesWords that include or exclude or quantify: these too may need to be challenged. If little words like a#39;alla#39; or a#39;onlya#39; appear in the topic, to get good marks your essay may need to show that the topic is true of a#39;somea#39;, or a#39;othersa#39;, or is true under someanbsp;...

Title:Skilful Time Management
Author:Levin, Peter
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Education (UK) - 2007-10-01


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