Sleep Medicine

Sleep Medicine

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This book offers a concise, methodological approach to the evaluation and treatment of patients with sleep disorders. The management of sleep disorders requires an understanding of sleep itself, thus the book initially discusses aspects of normal sleep. The remainder of the book provides a formula for critical assessment, in which the symptoms and signs and the psychological and medical background of the patient, in conjunction with an understanding of the neurobiological and psychological basis of sleep disorders, are considered. Polysomnographic studies and other laboratory tests supplement and redefine clinical information and assist physicians in their treatment options.... and maintenance of wakefulness, whereas the nigrostriatal system is involved mainly in the control of the motor system and ... EEG desynchronization induced by dopamine can be blocked by D1 antagonists, suggesting that these receptors ... play a role in the maintenance of wakefulness, and the drowsiness induced by antihistamines may be mediated partly by ... projections originate from the peribrachial area of the pedunculopontine tegmental (PPT) nucleus and from the lateralanbsp;...

Title:Sleep Medicine
Author:Michael S. Aldrich Professor of Neurology
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 1999-03-31


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