Sleeping Where I Fall

Sleeping Where I Fall

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In his energetic, funny, and intelligent memoir, Peter Coyote relives his fifteen-year ride through the heart of the counterculturea€”a journey that took him from the quiet rooms of privilege as the son of an East Coast stockbroker to the riotous life of political street theater and the self-imposed poverty of the West Coast communal movement known as The Diggers. With this innovative collective of artist-anarchists who had assumed as their task nothing less than the re-creation of the nationa€™s political and social soul, Coyote and his companions soon became power players. In prose both graphic and unsentimental, Coyote reveals the corrosive side of love that was once called a€œfreea€; the anxieties and occasional terrors of late-night, drug-fueled visits of biker gangs looking to party; and his own quest for the next high. His road through revolution brought him to adulthood and to his major role as a political strategist: from radical communard to the chairman of the California Arts Council, from a street theater apprentice to a motion-picture star.I encountered him last in 1993 at a poetry reading in San Francisco; he was fit and hale and just beginning a series of readings that ... Richarda#39;s contribution was minimal, however, because he was never overly keen on manual labor. Elsa was expecting their child, Indira, and the two crossed the line into the Digger fold at the a€œInvisible Circusa€ event at Glide Church ... lusty, voluble Italian from Los Angeles named Michael Tierraa€”trained in classical piano and compositiona€”had movedanbsp;...

Title:Sleeping Where I Fall
Author:Peter Coyote
Publisher:Counterpoint - 2015-04-01


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