Slightly Off

Slightly Off

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Welcome to the world of Slightly OFF, a college column where politicians are advised to create scandals for themselves (to get free media coverage), the Tooth Fairy is wanted by the FBI (for trafficking) and Jesus Christ and Jason Voorhees have a lot in common (they both came back from the dead, for instance). In Slightly OFF: God, Sex and All Stops in Between, the best of over four years of Slightly OFF is gathered. At times hilarious, serious, poignant, and psychotic, this is a collection that slices into every facet of American culture. It includes: -qFemale Pornq The scientific study that proves once and for all that Cosmo is worse than Playboy. -qFrogs, Dogs and David Arquetteq Why, in an era of information, do our commercials provide anything but? -qEnglish 101q This is where your language came from. Unfortunately, it's been influenced by the French. -qI Killed Someoneq A reflection on the time the author spent with Wanda Jean Allen, a death row inmate who made national headlines, just weeks before her execution. Once you read this, you may never look at your world the same way again. You certainly will never look at mustard the same way again.... same, the post office caring not for intended recipients or class distinctions, but simply for zip codes and semi-automatic weapons. ... Let me say ita#39;s hard to look regal getting out of the back of a two-door car in a tuxedo that doesna#39;t fit. ... car changed from a dying Ford with a mismatched, rusted exterior to an unknown Italian import custom painted in the style of Van Gogh. ... Dominic set our food down next to several dozen expensive glass bowls, all filled with various types of caviar.

Title:Slightly Off
Author:Daniel Reynolds
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-08-01


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