Slum: a Novel (New Edition with Study Guide)

Slum: a Novel (New Edition with Study Guide)

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SLUM is not the typical boy-meets-girl love story. Their situation is impossible. He is the sophisticated president of an organization in New York. She is a former stripper living in a slum on a Caribbean island. Besides, he already has a girlfriend; he is not looking for someone else, especially not a married ex-stripper from the far-away Cienaga slum! But, as fate would have it, a six-year-old child is the force which brings them together into a rebellious and passionate entanglement which transforms both of them into a deep passion for life itself. An intoxicating love story? A tale of hope for a dying child? A philosophical drama on morality? Reviewers have said SLUM has it all.Nobody in our family has ever starved, thank God!a€ a€œRelax, Gabinoa€•ita#39;s only an expression.a€ a€œWe have food ... take care of Alba. It looks like the free bar of soap is working!a€ New York Morning Donna entered the elevator of the famed 36.

Title:Slum: a Novel (New Edition with Study Guide)
Author:Dan Carroll - 2013-01


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