Smart Business Networks

Smart Business Networks

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Scientists from management and strategy, information systems, engineering and telecommunications have discussed a novel concept: Smart Business Networks. They see the future as a developing web of people and organizations, bound together in a dynamic and unpredictable way, creating smart outcomes from quickly (re-)configuring links between actors. The question is: What should be done to make the outcomes of such a network 'smart', that is, just a little better than that of your competitor? More agile, with less pain, with more return to all the members of the network, now and over time? The technical answer is to create a 'business operating system' that should run business processes on different organisational platforms. Business processes would become portable: The end-to-end management of processes running across many different organizations in many different forms would become possible. This book presents you the outcomes of an energizing and new direction in management science.Real-time Data Real-time data is essential for coordinating business processes across multiple organizations. ... When a merchant makes an authorization request, authorization codes are increasingly based on up-to-date credit availability ... Trustworthy Business Rules Credit cards currently are, and will likely remain the predominant form of payment for Internet ... in transaction and logistics flows can be overshadowed by performance in payment flows (Killen and associates, 2001).

Title:Smart Business Networks
Author:Peter H.M. Vervest, Eric van Heck, Ken Preiss, Louis-Francois Pau
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2005-12-14


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