Smart is the New Rich

Smart is the New Rich

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Time is on your sidea€”smart money management for Millennials Smart is the New Rich: Money Guide for Millennials is an interactive, step-by-step guide to all things money. From credit, student debt, savings, investing, taxes, and mortgages, CNN's chief business correspondent Christine Romans shows this newest generation of earners how to build wealth. You'll learn the old-fashioned approach that leads to a healthier financial lifestyle, and open the door on a straightforward conversation about earning, saving, spending, growing, and protecting your money. You'll learn how to invest in the stock market or buy a home, even if you are still paying off student loan debt. Romans offers expert insight on the qNew Normal, q and why the rules of the credit bubblea€”the one you were raised ina€”no longer apply. Checklists and quizzes help solidify your understanding, and pave the way for you to start putting these new skills into action. For thirty years, the financial rules for life revolved around abundant credit at the ready. A quick look around makes it obvious that those rules no longer work, and Millennials just now coming of age and entering the workforce need a new plan to build a solid financial foundation and healthy money habits. This book puts you on the right track, with step-by-step help and expert guidance. Learn what you should ask yourself before spending any money Revisit some old money rules that are actually good habits See simple rules for managing student debt Learn how to talk about money with friends, dates, and parents Find out what makes a Millennial successful in the workforce The economy is out of recession and growing, but many young people feel left out of the recovery. It's why smart spending, saving, and debt management is so critical right now for them. A smart money plan is no longer a qnice to haveq extra, it's mandatory. Smart is the New Rich: Money Guide for Millennials is your guide on how to use time and some good money manners to build wealth.Home prices, 83, 85, 91a€“92 Horowitz, Sara, 64 Hotels, need for workers in, 56 Household income, tuition costs and, ... 116, 121 Initial public offerings (IPOs), 125a€“127 Insweb, 90 Interest, compound, 112, 122 Interest rates, 12 on credit cards, 132 ... 133 Fraud, credit card, 136 Freelancing, 63a€“64 Friends, finances and, 108a€“109 FTC (Federal Trade Commission), ... 3 through referrals, 68 Holiday overspending, 15a€“16 Home Depot, 136 Home health care workers, 56 Homeownership, anbsp;...

Title:Smart is the New Rich
Author:Christine Romans
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2015-03-23


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