Smart Money

Smart Money

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a€œAn insightful book from a Wall St. a€œ insidera€™ that shows you how to win consistently at investing, navigate uncertain markets, and stay at least one step ahead of the crowd. Sprinkled with anecdotes, written with a wry sense of humor, ita€™s an easy and valuable read for anyone looking to see what a€œsmart moneya€ should be doing today.a€ Ernest Chu, Member of the NYSE Chairman, Green States Energy Best selling author, Soul Currency a€œThis book is for every individual investor who feels like Wall Street left them behind because they didna€™t have a big enough account to attract sound advice.a€ Col. Patrick Graf, Former Director NATO Partnership Program Director of Export Compliance L III Communications a€œ This book takes the mystery out of making moneya€ Daniel Lothian, White House Correspondent CNN Tired of investing your money like the masses....? Only to lose money..? Well, here is an approach that you can use to invest with the people in the know...corporate insiders, billionaires, politicians, and the worlda€™s most successful money managers. You dona€™t need a degree in finance or a specialized Wall Street background to understand the insights and investing strategies in this guidebook. But you do need a willingness to learn a€c who controls the markets; a€c what causes bubbles to burst; a€c why all insiders arena€™t equal; a€c where to find where the insiders invest. The insight and information youa€™ll learn will not only change the way you invest, but also change how you understand, relate to, and look at the world. Invest like the insiders and improve your returns with the guidance in Smart Money.And what do you do, when a major brokerage firm or analyst issues research that you cana#39;t make heads or tails out of. This is where ... In March 2011, Credit Suisse Bank took Research in Motion (RIMM) off of its focus list. ... I mean come on.

Title:Smart Money
Author:Dr B
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-12-05


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