Smart Start-Ups

Smart Start-Ups

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Praise for Smart Start-Ups qSilver's new book is a masterpiece of clarity concerning the next great entrepreneurial wave, and my only problem with it was the charley horse in my elbow I got turning the pages.q -Robin Richards, founding President,, and CEO, Notification Technologies Inc. qSilver is a modern-day Prometheus. For community entrepreneurs, Smart Start-Ups contains the secrets of fire from the heavens. If you work with communities of any kind, you ignore this book at your own peril.q -John Szeder, former senior game developer, Digital Chocolate, Inc., and CEO, Mofactor, Inc. qSilver dives in and pulls the naked truth out of the world of online communities. There's nothing like it on the shelves. He speaks with the best and brightest in the mobile and online community markets.q -Sean Malatesta, founder, Yack Media Services, and Vice President, Indiagames, Inc. qSmart Start-Ups is a must-read for any aspiring Internet entrepreneur. Silver cuts right to the heart of the important fact that communities are like entire nations, but without geographic borders, and they're creating the greatest transformation since the Industrial Revolution.q -Clarence Briggs, founder and CEO, qSilver's book is an excellent, captivating, ingenious, and essential read for anyone who wants to know how to create wealth by starting an online community. One mark of a great book is that it makes you see things in a new way; Silver certainly succeeds in that respect.q -Kyle E. Gillman, founder and CEO, Forgefinder, Inc.Google, which recently guaranteed MySpace $900 million in revenues from ads over three years, runs ads next to ... Xanga is doing something brilliant and important: having its members form posses to drive the bad guys out of Dodge.

Title:Smart Start-Ups
Author:David Silver
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2007-05-18


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