Smoke Screen

Smoke Screen

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Five years ago a disastrous fire gutted the police headquarters. Seven people died in the flames but thanks to four brave men, most of those inside were rescued. The next day, and forever after, they would be known to the world as heroes. Now, one of them has called Britt Shelley, a hotshot newswoman, offering her the scoop of her career, and asks her to meet him. The next morning she wakes up naked in his bed to find him lying beside her - dead. She remembers nothing of the evening before but, to her horror, the police don't believe her. As the finger of blame points to her, she realises that she is the next intended victim . . .He was seated in the passenger side of the pickup, apparently searching the glove box. ... someone trained to store firefighting gear to exact specifications and keep everything spotless and ready for use, ... The lightbulb was missing from his gooseneck lamp. ... a€œTherea#39;s a hammer in a toolbox on the floor of the closet.

Title:Smoke Screen
Author:Sandra Brown
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-11-10


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