Snatch 'em

Snatch 'em

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Zee Jackson, Hassan Winslow, Dex and Greg B are four young men out to take what wealth they can on the streets of Boston. Petty crime is all they know, until they hook up with Frank, who turns them onto lucrative, high-stakes jobs. Twenty-one-year-old Zee has tried his hand at drug dealing, but it never worked out. Hassan is the bully of the group. Dexter, or Fat Dexter as some people call him, also wants to try the drug game, but his mother has an off-and-on addiction, so his conscience gets the best of him. Greg B often wonders why he hangs out with his crew so much, but they have been together for so long that he doesn't have many other friends. Along with the money from the robberies come sex, drugs, and murder. When Zee falls in love, he just wants to live the rest of his life in peace. But if he and the rest of his friends want to enjoy the spoils, they must first survive life on the streets.It was a shiny black Toyota Supra with a huge wing and chrome wheels. ... Zee responded, a€œNo, that means that he has an alarm system! ... When he found it, he pulled the wires right out of it. ... That took 30 seconds with his long screwdriver.

Title:Snatch 'em
Author:Robert W. Anderson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-07


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