So What's Next!

So What's Next!

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Molly Pearson is a young Biology teacher with two passions in her life: a strong commitment to protecting wildlife; and a desire to encourage the children in her classes to feel the same enthusiasm for Nature. When her class decide they would like to restore the schoola€™s neglected and vandalised nature corner her hopes are raised and challenged at the same time. The hurdles that she meets along the way will include bullied and bullying pupils, as well as the expected ones of finance and willing manpower. But leaping those fences does not prepare the ambitious Molly for a dramatic fire and the confusion of a new passion in her life, in the form of Oliver Shrimpton. Will he become that significant someone, or is he just another obstacle for her to overcome? G J Griffiths' latest novel, in the So What! series of stories, is still based firmly around the events that take place within the qwallsq of Birch Green High School. It follows some of the trials and tribulations of Molly Pearson, a previous novice teacher who was mentored by Robert Jeffrey - the main character from the first book. Molly's efforts to spread the important message, about protecting wildlife and the natural environment, reflect something that has always been important to the author. For that reason some of the proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to wildlife charities. Although this book is an exciting novel telling the story of schoolchildren who want to protect garden wildlife, it also contains several chapters towards the end with plenty of helpful information for lovers of nature, and who want to take a fresh look at making their garden a wildlife garden.I have a few words and Bill Pitcher is here with your long service present from the LEA, a#39; said the Head. Joanne Cranmore had ... a#39;On behalf of the Education Authority, Gil, I would like to echo Joannea#39;s words and present you with this long service award. Have a long and ... He handed Gil the package and the room was filled with applause, cheers and shouts of To Gil! followed by Speech! Speech! As theanbsp;...

Title:So What's Next!
Author:G. J. Griffiths
Publisher:G J Griffiths - 2014-05-03


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