So You Think You’re American

So You Think You’re American

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Ekina was made in America with African parts, but unfortunately this has never made him indestructible. Precocious at ten years old, Ekina knows that physical strength wona€™t help him fend off his overbearing parents, cruel teachers, and one-sided romance. It wona€™t help him save his baby sister from their traditionally-misogynist father or protect his little brother from their mothera€™s expectations either, although it mighta€™ve helped him master an adagioa€”if he hadna€™t quit ballet class. Nigerian boys dona€™t wear pointe shoes, and anyway, who does he think he isa€ban American? a€œSo You Think Youa€™re Americana€ is a novel about growing up in that world between foreign and native cultures. Poignant, funny, and sometimes hopelessly heartbreaking, a€œSo You Think Youa€™re Americana€ will evoke profound emotions, tears or laughter, in even the most stoic of readers.I tried to scrub it off with water, with soap, with my newly painted nails, but it was Sharpie. ... very depressing, especially to know that your face wouldbe like this forever on account ofa jerklike Shawn MacLean and his dumb Sharpie markers.

Title:So You Think You’re American
Author:Iriowen Thea Ojo
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-07-22


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