Sociable Robots and the Future of Social Relations

Sociable Robots and the Future of Social Relations

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The robotics industry is growing rapidly, and to a large extent the development of this market sector is due to the area of social robotics a€“ the production of robots that are designed to enter the space of human social interaction, both physically and semantically. Since social robots present a new type of social agent, they have been aptly classified as a disruptive technology, i.e. the sort of technology which affects the core of our current social practices and might lead to profound cultural and social change. Due to its disruptive and innovative potential, social robotics raises not only questions about utility, ethics, and legal aspects, but calls for a€œrobo-philosophya€ a€“ the comprehensive philosophical reflection from the perspectives of all philosophical disciplines. This book presents the proceedings of the first conference in this new area, a€œRobo-Philosophy 2014 a€“ Sociable Robots and the Future of Social Relations, held in Aarhus, Denmark, in August 2014. The short papers and abstracts collected here address questions of social robotics from the perspectives of philosophy of mind, social ontology, ethics, meta-ethics, political philosophy, aesthetics, intercultural philosophy, and metaphilosophy. Social robotics is still in its early stages, but it is precisely now that we need to reflect its possible cultural repercussions. This book is accessible to a wide readership and will be of interest to everyone involved in the development and use of social robotics applications, from social roboticists to policy makers.For example, euthanasia robots or execution robots seem not to be susceptible to the typical arguments against killer ... Pros and Cons of Killer Robots Remotely controlled weapons such as uninhabited aerial vehicles (UAVa#39;s), or drones, areanbsp;...

Title:Sociable Robots and the Future of Social Relations
Author:J. Seibt, M. Nørskov, R. Hakli
Publisher:IOS Press - 2014-12-18


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