Social Insurance: AmericaÕs Neglected Heritage and Contested Future

Social Insurance: AmericaÕs Neglected Heritage and Contested Future

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What has America done to protect its citizens from life-changing but common risks such as death of a family breadwinner, ill health, disability, involuntary unemployment, outliving retirement savings, and birth into a poor family? Each, in its own way, burdensa€”and possibly devastatesa€”unlucky individuals and families both emotionally and financially. It is the rare life that is untouched by one or more of these six threats. How do our current policies affect taxation, spending, and the economy, as well as prospects for individual lives? What more might these policies do to protect Americans? Rich in stories, data, and analysis, Social Insurance by Theodore R. Marmor, Jerry L. Mashaw, and John Pakutka provides a strong intellectual foundation for understanding the history, economics, politics, and philosophy of Americaa€™s most important social insurance programs. This insightful work provides a unifying vision of these programsa€™ purposes and reminds us, amidst the confusing and often apocalyptic rhetoric, why we have the programs and policies we do, while arguing for reforms that preserve and enhance the protections in place.These rates are for a married couple filing jointly. Tax Rate Schedule Y-2, Internal Revenue Code section 1(d) (2013). ... U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a€œ Employment, Hours, and Earnings from the Current Employment Statistics Survey (National): 2008a€“2009, a€ accessed November 14, 2012, ... U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service, Office of Research and Analysis, Building a Healthyanbsp;...

Title:Social Insurance: AmericaÕs Neglected Heritage and Contested Future
Author:Theodore R. Marmor, Jerry L. Mashaw, John Pakutka
Publisher:CQ Press - 2013-10-11


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