Social Media For Real

Social Media For Real

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Has Conventionel Media Been Outdated? As technology develops, marketing areas and strategies change too. We evolved to sales professionals with worldwide reach from barkers trying to sell their products on pushcarts, or did we not? Everyday, we come across with unique works which create an effect that millions worth TV commercials can not. All the companies started to face this grim fact: a€œIf you are not in social media, you dona€™t exist!a€. The ones who say a€œwe make the best of it, buy our producta€ have already been discredited. The whole world is changing its shell. And of course, there are some who stand up to this. We are living in an age that marketing is trying to wriggle itself out of the monopoly of conventional media. On the other hand, traditional values which has shaped us regain importance. Notions such as creativeness, entrepreneurship, courage are more valuable. Social media creates the opportunity of taking the fire from gods and offering it to mankind. Ita€™s alright, but how do we do this without burning our hands? Marketing communications is a delicate matter. Especially, marketing in social media is more delicate... Brands which dona€™t resist shell changing and have right self-expression skills, reach people more easily. A more conscious, selective and demanding customer profile takes the place of crowds that listen to whatever you say gapingly and obey. For the very reason, while brands using social media right, honest and consciously survive, others going on with heirloom sales techniques wona€™t be able to go beyond being a funny video on Youtube.Has Conventionel Media Been Outdated?

Title:Social Media For Real
Author:Salih Seckin Sevinc
Publisher:Salih Seckin Sevinc - 2014-02-03


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