Social Problems and Public Policy

Social Problems and Public Policy

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Deviance is by definition a social problem. Since deviant behavior violates the normative expectations of a given group, deviance must be regarded as a problem for that group, since all groups of people want their norms to be enforced. Many modern societies place considerable value on personal liberty, so much so that interference with personal choices to deviate from group norms can be justified only in terms of the potential damage that particular kinds of behavior might do to the legitimate interests of others. Sociological research suggests that the social problem associated with deviance is often the behavior of individuals who violate norms cannot be justified in terms of basic values of liberty, social order, or justice. In other kinds of deviance, though, the social problem is that people or, in a more organized way, social institutions, interfere with individual liberty and self-realization. Each selection in this volume has been chosen to cover a full range of substantive problematic issues, a range of social science perspectives that can be brought to bear on issues of all kinds, and a range of social science methodologies used in studying modern society. Deviance and Liberty is divided up into thirty-nine contributions and five main parts ranging from qModern Perspectives on Deviance and Social Problemsq; qDeviant Exchanges: Gambling, Drugs, and Sexq; qDeviant Personal Control: Illness, Violence, and Crime; Deviance, Identity, and the Life Cycleq; and qMoral Enterprise and Moral Enforcementq. It is a welcome addition to the libraries of those interested in the study of deviance or society as a whole.this book is designed as an introduction to social science perspectives on a broad range of social issues in American ... this common sense approach to social problems may present in the mass media essays that are imaginative and incisive.

Title:Social Problems and Public Policy
Author:Lee Rainwater
Publisher:Transaction Publishers - 1974-01


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