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This title stresses on Object Oriented and Classical Approach, by resorting to a concise presentation of the subject. In tune with reviewer comments and market feedback, the book takes an approach whereby a more balanced emphasis has been given to Design, Architecture and Management issues. Key features Extensive stress on Object Oriented Systems Analysis and Design. Separate chapter on Software Systems Design and Architecture (Chapter 5). Better organization with chapters on Testing for Software Quality (Chapter 14) and Quality Engineering for Software Quality Assurance (Chapter 15), placed in succession. Case Studies conclude every chapter for better comprehension of concepts. Concepts presented through easy to understand language and schematic diagrams. Pedagogy: Figures: 197 Test Your Understandings: 198 Chapter End Case Studies: 15 Greater focus on Design and Architecture issues Stress on Software Project Management reduced to a required level Enhanced pedagogy with a Case Study concluding each chapter Concise presentation of the Software Engineeringsystems: a€c Home loan processing a€c Internet banking a€c Point of sales system a€c Customer relations management 4.2 In the following ... processing system with results declared on university portal a€c Order collection, processing, delivery system in a restaurant 4.5 Visit any ... for Room Occupant a€c E-R Diagram for Visitora€”Rooma€”Billa€”Order a€c Context Diagram for Room Reservation System a€c Data Flow Diagramanbsp;...

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