Solar Energy Index

Solar Energy Index

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Solar Energy Index is an index of resources dealing with solar energy, including archival materials from the International Solar Energy Society collection; references to articles in major solar journals; patents and pamphlets; National Technical Information Service reports; unbound conference proceedings; and other assorted reports. Both theoretical and qqhow-to-do-itqq publications are well represented. This book places particular emphasis on terrestrial solar thermal and photovoltaic applications of solar energy. Subjects are classified according to physics, terrestrial wind, collectors, space heating and cooling, economics, materials, distillation, thermal-electric power systems, photoelectricity, solar furnaces, cooking, biological applications, water heaters, photochemistry, energy storage, mechanical devices, evaporation, sea power, space flight applications, and industrial applications. Topics covered range from wind energy and bioconversion to ocean thermal energy conversion, heliohydroelectric power plants, solar cells, turbine generation systems, thermionic converters, batteries and fuel cells, and pumps and engines. This monograph will be of interest to government officials and policymakers concerned with solar energy.US PAT:4, 026, 267 450215 1977 GP COLEMAN, W. J. RESEARCH 8 DEVELOPMENT IN SOLAR MIRROR QUALITY ... COLE R. L. DESIGN 8 INSTALLATION MANUAL FOR THERMAL ENERGY STORAGE, R.L. COLE ET AL. ... REPR:MACH 0:8-55 3A0018 1955 3P SOLAR AIR-CONDITIONING, N. R. SHERIDAN.

Title:Solar Energy Index
Author:George Machovec
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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