Son of a Gambling Man

Son of a Gambling Man

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A memoir of growing up in mob-run Sin City from a casino heir-turned-governor who's seen two sides of every coin When Bob Miller arrived in Las Vegas as a boy, it was a small, dusty city, a far cry from the glamorous, exciting place it is today. Driving the family car was his father Ross Miller, a tough guya€”though a good family mana€”who had operated on both sides of the law on some of the meaner streets of industrial Chicago. The Miller family was as close and as warm as qOzzie and Harriet, q as long as you knew that Ozzie was a bookmaker and a business acquaintance of some very dubious criminal types. As Bob grew up, so did Vegas, now a qtownq of some two million. Ross Miller became a respectable businessman and partner in a major casino, though he was still capable of settling a score with his fists. And Bob went on to law school, entering law enforcement and eventually becoming a popular governor of Nevada, holding office longer than anybody in the state's history. And the Miller family's legacy continues. Bob's own son is presently serving as Secretary of State. A warm family memoir, the story of a city heir, with just a little bit of The Godfather and Casino thrown in for spice, Son of a Gambling Man is a unique and thoroughly memorable story.It became a joke to them, which, ofcourse, guaranteed a punch line at my expense. ... will be funny. Leta#39;s just elect me!a€ To my chagrin, David won! The taste of defeat was very bitter. But afa€” ter Ia#39;d digested the ... Two popular kids, a football player and the captain of the drill team, were running for vice president. But the same dynamics at play in public elections existed in school races. ... The race culminated in a decisive event: a required speech in front of the entire student body. Hereanbsp;...

Title:Son of a Gambling Man
Author:Bob Miller
Publisher:Macmillan - 2013-03-12


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