Sorry! The English and Their Manners

Sorry! The English and Their Manners

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Most of us know a bit about what passes for good manners - holding doors open, sending thank-you notes, no elbows on the table. We certainly know bad manners when we see them. But where has this patchwork of beliefs and behaviours come from? How did manners develop? How do they change? And why do they matter so much to us? In examining our manners, Henry Hitchings delves into the English character and investigates our notions of Englishness. Sorry! presents an amusing, illuminating and quirky audit of English manners. From basic table manners to appropriate sexual conduct, via hospitality, chivalry, faux pas and online etiquette, Hitchings traces the history of our country's customs and courtesies. Putting under the microscope some of our most astute observers of humanity, including Jane Austen and Samuel Pepys, he uses their lives and writings to pry open the often downright peculiar secrets of the English character. Hitchings' blend of history, anthropology and personal journey helps us understand our bizarre and contested cultural baggage - and ourselves.The Young Ladya#39;s Book: A Manual of Elegant Recreations, Exercises, and Pursuits (London: Vizetelly, Branston, 1829), 24, 57, 283, 424a€“5. Sarah Stickney Ellis, The Wives of England, 281. 20. Quoted in Judith Flanders, The Victorian House:anbsp;...

Title:Sorry! The English and Their Manners
Author:Henry Hitchings
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-01-17


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