Sound System Engineering

Sound System Engineering

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Sound System Engineering Third Edition is a complete revision and expansion of the former work. Written by two leading authorities in the field of audio engineering, this highly respected guide covers the fundamentals necessary for the understanding of today's systems as well as for those systems yet to come. The space formerly occupied by outdated photographs of manufacturers' product and of older system installations has now been filled with new measurements and discussions of the measurement process. The qMathematics for Audio chapter has been expanded to include the mathematics of phasors. The qInterfacing Electrical and Acoustic Systems chapter has a completely new section covering the analysis of alternating current circuits. Additionally, system gain structure is now treated by both the available input power method and the voltage only method, complete with illustrations of each. All chapters dealing with loudspeaker directivity and coverage, the acoustic environment, room acoustics, speech intelligibility, and acoustic gain appear in up to date versions. In addition there is new material on signal delay and synchronization and equalization. There are completely new chapters on microphones, loudspeakers and loudspeaker arrays including line arrays with steering and beam-width control, and signal processing, both analog and digital. The book runs the gamut of sound system design from the simplest all-analog paging system to the largest multipurpose digital systems. In writing this third edition, the authors kept in mind the needs of sound system installers, sound system service technicians, and sound system designers. All three groups will find the material to be useful for everyday work as well as beneficial in the furtherance of their overall audio education.via RJ45 jack with integrated transformer isolation. Such a connection employs 2 of the 4 pairs in a Cat5 cable. The serial audio I/O ports also feature RJ45 jacks to accommodate RJ45 plugs and Cat5 cable. Cat5 cableconsists of4unshieldedanbsp;...

Title:Sound System Engineering
Author:Don Davis, Eugene Patronis
Publisher:Taylor & Francis - 2014-06-20


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