Speech and Language Disorders in Bilinguals

Speech and Language Disorders in Bilinguals

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During the last years a significant number of papers, books, and monographs devoted to speech and language impairments in bilingual children have been published. Different aspects and questions have been approached and today we have a relatively good understanding of the specific characteristics of the speech and language difficulties potentially observed in bilingual and multilingual children. This interest has been significantly resulted from the potential developmental and educational consequences of bilingualism. Our understanding of the communication disorders in adult populations is notoriously more limited, even though over 50% of the adult population can speak at least another language in addition to his/her native language. That simply means that over 50% of the communication disorders observed in adults are bilingual speech and language disorders: bilingual aphasias, bilingual dementias, bilingual stuttering, etc. This book was written with the specific purpose of filling this gap. The major purpose of this book has been to integrate the state of the art on the different aspects of the communication disorders observed in adult bilinguals. The book is organised in such a way that an integrated perspective of bilingualism is presented: from the normal conditions to the pathology; from the clinical descriptions to the rehabilitation issues; from the biological factors to the cultural variables.The selection of the target lexical node is obtained by creating a differential level of activation in the two or more lexicons of the multilingual speaker by ... Consider the case of a trilingual individual who knows Italian (LI ), English (L2) and Dutch ( L3). ... A language is active when it has not been chosen as the main code for the communicative exchange but is kept active during the whole interaction.

Title:Speech and Language Disorders in Bilinguals
Author:Alfredo Ardila, Eliane Ramos
Publisher:Nova Publishers - 2007-01


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