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When is a g pronounced hard or soft? How does y change to i when forming plurals? How can students recognize the silent gh? This popular test brings together a yeara€™s worth of spelling lessons for middle school students who are reading below grade level. Graphic organizers, crossword puzzles, and spelling anecdotes accommodate numerous learning styles and make the learning fun and memorable. 36 lessons, each calibrated for different learning styles Instructions are at the second-grade level, and words chosen are at the third-grade level Recommended practice is for five 10a€“15 minute sessions per week Pre-tests and post-tests track student progress Correlates to IRA/NCTE standardsSpelling Words: aboard, throar, boast, suppose, telescope, tetuse, costume, huge , conrinue, united Rule: Long o and long u sounds cortespond to the sounds of the vowels in these words: Pretest Give the ptetest befote students see the word list. ... Call out one- or two-syllable words thar contain the long o or long u sounds .

Author:Nancy Lobb
Publisher:Walch Publishing - 2001-01-01


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