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ROMAN is a tale set in the often neglected and complicated era of American history during the 1840s where a xenophobic public finds itself at odds with the increasing numbers of Irish and German Catholic immigrants washing ashore. Meanwhile, in the frontier town of Evansville, Indiana, an Alsatian missionary priest, the Rev. Roman Weinzoepfel, is charged with the rape of one of his parishioners while hearing her confession. The year: 1842. qHere is a remarkable tale of crime, prejudice, and faith in frontier Indiana all the more remarkable for its basis in a real event and a real priest whose convictions were tested in the most extraordinary way. ROMAN will appeal not only to those who care about the early history of the Church in America, but to anyone who appreciates people of principle.q - Thomas Kunkel, Dean, Philip Merrill College of Journalism, and author of Enormous Prayers: A Journey into the Priesthood, (Westview/HarperCollins, 1998), and Genius in Disguise: Harold Ross of the New Yorker (Random House, 1995). qMcMullen's account of a missionary priest, a lonely married woman, a jealous husband, an ambitious newspaper editor, an autocratic bishop, the venerable Sister of Providence, Mother Theodore GuAcrin, the politically-savvy First Lady, Sarah Childress Polk, and a host of others, makes for a monumental American story.q - Judy Lyden, Columnist, Scripps Howard News Service. qMcMullen adroitly takes us back in time to the antebellum American frontier and won't let us return until he has staggered us with the tale of a Catholic priest charged with a heinous crime. Throughout ROMAN we are reminded that it is still possible to write page-turning drama without gratuitous sex or violence. The way McMullen uses fascinating characters, gripping dialogue and detailed description to bring an earlier America back to life reminds me of the works of John Jakes. A heart-rending tale of betrayal, ROMANis an important work. q - Mike Whicker, author of Invitation to Valhalla (iuniverse, 2001). qROMAN is a highly instructive novel about a turbulent period in American history. Told through the eyes of a Catholic priest, the story is not limited to the Indiana frontier, but ultimately touches upon the Presidency. A must read for History buffs and anyone of faith, Catholic or otherwise.q - Guerin A. Bernardin, Jr., KHS, Parish Administrator of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish, Evansville, Indiana.aquot;This is a photocopy machine from the company called Xerox.aquot; The salesman type took over, extolling the virtues of electrostatic copies over the heat induced versions from 3Ma#39;s Thermofax. Then Imogene gathered us up and trolled us downanbsp;...

Author:James Patterson
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2004-01-01


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