Spiritual Answers for Health and Happiness

Spiritual Answers for Health and Happiness

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Spiritual Answers for Health and Happiness focuses on simple, spiritual practices you can use daily to enhance your life. It contains: -- new ideas using light to protect and heal your aura, aura fabrics and colors, vibrational practices, boosting your immune system, etc.- guidance on working towards a healthier aura, plus information on energy blocks, mobile blocks, protective shields and masks- positive strategies to release pain from your life, filtering skills and introduces the concept of memory lights- various methods to let go of unwanted emotions and negative energy, as well as breaking down your walls and surrendering- thoughts about genetic codes, past-life stamps and genetic stamps- discussion on the different energetic cords we form between each other, animals and places, and ways to cut or strengthen these cords- understanding the impact words can have on your health and happiness featuring thought forms, energetic knives and word bubbles- the relevance of energy medicine, crystals, ley lines, the sea, trees, flowers, air and art energies in your lifeBeing able to heal ourselves is our greatest challenge, and awakening the healer within is the beginning of our true spiritual journey. You will return to reread this book and qdownloadq the answers as you need. Book two is a wealth of spiritual insights, now at your fingertips.to ask questions around the situation. Are they bringing up some childhood patterns for me to look at? Is this emotion mine? What have I to learn from the whole set up? Try to be objective and see your part in it all. Our response to the problemanbsp;...

Title:Spiritual Answers for Health and Happiness
Author:Wendy Edwards
Publisher:BalboaPress - 2011-12-19


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