Stance and Voice in Written Academic Genres

Stance and Voice in Written Academic Genres

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Stance and voice are among the most significant concepts in writing theory and pedagogy today. Referring to the ways we express a point of view and engage with others, the terms are particularly controversial in the domain of academic writing, long considered a faceless and impersonal kind of discourse. But while corpus research shows that stance is scarcer in academic genres than in many other contexts, the complex and distinctive ways scholars and students present their attitudes to their texts, their readers and their content offer a rich area of study for discourse analysts and students of academic writing. This book reappraises the notions of stance and voice and reconsiders their relevance in applied linguistics, showing their expression and impact in a broad range of written academic genres. In its 15 chapters, leading authorities offer their thoughts and research on the following issues: a€c The key frameworks, methods, theories and areas of research a€c The expression of stance and voice in a range of genres and disciplines a€c The centrality of community and context in the expression of stance and voice a€c The main factors of variation: channel, discipline, culture and temporality a€c Questions of authenticity, distinctiveness, empowerment and identityThey found that the Voice Intensity Scale scores correlated with the scores from the holistic rubric for the New York ... To understand the role of voice in student essays, it is important to examine how student essays are being conceptualized and assessed at different levels of education. ... It may also refer to a highly conventionalized classroom genre a€“ such as the five-paragraph essay a€“ that has beenanbsp;...

Title:Stance and Voice in Written Academic Genres
Author:Ken Hyland, Carmen Sancho Guinda
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2012-09-24


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