Standing naked in the wings

Standing naked in the wings

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This delightful collection is the only work to bring together first-hand stories form Canada's acting community. Funny, shocking, embarassing and poignant, these are the stories actors tell each other, providing an intimate glimpse into the world behind the camera and beyond the footlights.Arranged thematically, it starts with qThe BUg Bitesq, a chapter that focuses on early acting experiences ranging from William Shatner's first stage appearance and the evolution of Martin Short's qEd Grimleyq character, to Wayne and Shuster's initial meeting with Ed Sullivan. Other chapters look atmentor's, directors and producers, working with kids and animals, missed cues and lines, touring, audiences and fans, pranks and escapades, and live radio and T.V. performances. qBig Wigs and Legendsq contains anecdotes starring names like Paul Newman, Henry Fonda, Sir John Gielgud, Julie Andrews, Vanessa Redgrave, Steven Spielberg, Richard Burton, Barbra Streisand, Laurence Olivier, and Katherine Hepburn. Included are many stories from the Stratford Festival: Scott wentworth cracking up during Richard III, an actor on stage catching fire during a production of Othello, and William Hutt'sdying in an unconventional manner when Christpher Plummer's Hamlet could not get his sword out of the scabbard (Polonius' death did not look accidental). Along the way you'll find qBare Bods and Bodily Functionsq, which includes an anecdote by Bruce Breenwood that begins intriguingly qStandingnaked in the wings before an entrance..., q as well as qStunts and FXSq, which includes Timothy Findley's story from the first season of Stratford in 1953, when he had to make a ten-foot leap (from the balustrade) through the dark...and not land on Alec Guiness, whose single spotlight was the onlylight there was.q Brought together by two veteran Canadian actors, An Actor, Eh? features a star-studded cast giving the performances of their lives.Ia#39;ll kick you in the balls as hard as I can and then you kick me in the balls as hard as you can and who ever stands up to it better, keeps the duck. ... Then theya#39;d reset the lights, change the roll, call tape run out from the sound cart. I dona#39;t even anbsp;...

Title:Standing naked in the wings
Author:Lynda Mason Green, Tedde Moore
Publisher: - 1997-09-01


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