Star Born

Star Born

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When the oppressive global dictatorship of Pax took over Earth they put a stop to space exploration. Still, a few rebels escaped in the sleeper ships to found free new colonies -- or perish in the attempt. Those few colonists that reached inhabitable worlds were cut off for centuries, and in that isolation and freedom they developed the mysterious mental powers that ''civilization'' had all but destroyed.... strongly muscledbody, began todry inthe air and fluffout while thesun awoke prismatic lights on the scales which covered his hands andfeet. ... And from knowledge so gained the stillsmall group of exiles added to and expandedtheir informationabout their new home. Caution was drilled into them. Forthey were not the first masters of Astra, nor were they themasters now. ... Butwhat happened today spedfrom hopper to hopper and could warn by mind touch both merman and human.

Title:Star Born
Author:Andre Norton
Publisher:Start Classics - 2014-03-28


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