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Star-hopping--using easily seen bright stars to locate fainter celestial objects in the night sky--is a basic and essential technique for all star gazers, novice and veteran alike. Robert Garfinkle shows you how to locate the many stellar objects usually overlooked by the untrained eye. Two or more detailed star hops for each month of the year, which can be read in any order, take you on a trip through the night sky, opening new doors of discovery and reinforcing star-hopping methods and techniques. With Garfinkle's able guidance, learn to take the Messier Marathon--a night-long hop across the skies. Additional basic astronomy skills are carefully outlined, including reading star charts, finding celestial directions, understanding telescope types, and using light pollution filters. A lively history of the universe and the ancient myths and legends of the sky round out the text. This is an essential guide for sky gazers who want to get the most out of their evening sky explorations.Eyepiece filters The use of different kinds of light-pollution reduction, band-pass, or colored filters will in aid your observation of many ... The eyepiece filters are easier to change and you do not move the telescope when changing one. My telescope-mounted LPR threads onto the end of the ... Although the stars will appear two or three magnitudes dimmer, the transmission of nebula light is often over 90anbsp;...

Author:Robert A. Garfinkle
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 1997-04-13


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