State of Siege

State of Siege

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qTHE SITUATION THE MATZAV AS IT REALLY IS Television audiences might be forgiven for believing that the nightly news presents the whole picture of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The broadcasts are by now familiar. A blown out Israeli bus, charred and smoking. Survivors sitting by the roadside, shocked and bleeding. Israeli tanks rolling into dusty Arab villages. The words qqcycle of violence, qq qqterror, qq and qqretaliation.qq SEE IT ALL IN PHOTOS But how does it feel to be walking down a street, knowing that at any moment, the next explosion might engulf you and those around you? What is it like to go to work or school on a bus in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Haifa, hoping it will remain intact for the journey? 262 COLOR PHOTOS ABOUT THE MATZAV State of Seige is a unique, controversial, and thought-provoking artistic critique of the situation in Israel today, conceived and created by the young Israeli artist, Doron Goldenberg, a graduate of the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem. In this powerful work, through the use of both words and images, Goldenberg captures a sense of the impact of terror that cant be broadcast on television. He has also created a visual tool that conveys a mood a sensation that cant be communicated via a news-commentator. Published in conjunction with Israel at Heart, a non-profit organization that seeks to promote a better understanding of Israel and her people.q(users Manual) Doron Goldenberg ... I saw one injured person torn in half and I didna#39;1 aming, everything blew up and the ceiling collapsed id the baby flew, onto ... I felt a bullet ir last, with enormous force, the glass from the window building.

Title:State of Siege
Author:Doron Goldenberg
Publisher:Gefen Publishing House Ltd - 2003


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