State of the World 2006

State of the World 2006

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State of the World 2006 provides a special focus on China and India and their impact on the world as major consumers of resources and polluters of local and global ecosystems. The report explains the critical need for both countries to qleapfrogq the technologies, policies, and even the cultures that now prevail in many western countries for the sake of global sustainabilitya€”and reports on some of the strategies that China and India are starting to implement. Besides the focus on China and India, State of the World 2006 looks at actions corporations can take to be more socially responsible; examines the potential socioeconomic, health, and environmental implications of nanoscale technologies; assesses the impacts of large-scale development of biofuels on agriculture and the environment; describes mercury sources, industrial uses, and health hazards worldwide; and provides an overview of the need to safeguard freshwater ecosystems, with examples of proven approaches in cities, villages, and farming regions around the world.Special Focus: China and India The Worldwatch Institute. INDEX tuna-dolphin dispute, 137, 140a€“41 floods climate change effects, 44a€“45 control, 20, 42, 55a€“56 damage, 55a€“56, 115, 118 ... 27, 32a€“33, 71 foot-and-mouth disease, 32a€“34 Ford Foundation, 164 Ford Motor Company, 61, 169 Foremost Farms, 32 Forest Action Network, 167, ... protection, 47a€“51, 118 fossil fuels subsidies, 65a€“66, 71, 73, 76, 145, 184 see also carbon emissions; coal; oil; renewable energy France, 65, 75, anbsp;...

Title:State of the World 2006
Author:The Worldwatch Institute
Publisher:Island Press - 2015-03-19


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