Statemaking and Territory in South Asia

Statemaking and Territory in South Asia

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a€œStatemaking and Territory in South Asia: Lessons from the Angloa€“Gorkha War (1814a€“1816)a€ seeks to understand how European colonization transformed the organization of territory in South Asia through an examination of the territorial disputes that underlay the Angloa€“Gorkha War of 1814a€“1816 and subsequent efforts of the colonial state to reorder its territories. The volume argues that these disputes arose out of older tribute, taxation and property relationships that left their territories perpetually intermixed and with ill-defined boundaries. It also seeks to describe the long-drawn-out process of territorial reordering undertaken by the British in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that set the stage for the creation of a clearly defined geographical template for the modern state in South Asia.73 74 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 1804, Boards Collections F/4/185, 535a€“ 39, IOR, APAC, BL. See also letter from kajis Amar Singh Thapa and Dalabhanjan Pande to the magistrate of Gorakhpur, received 2 September 1804, Boards Collections, F/4/185, vol. ... It might be noted that the raja of Gorkha was not only claiming the Tarai territories of Palpa, but also those belonging to the hill kingdoms ofanbsp;...

Title:Statemaking and Territory in South Asia
Author:Bernardo A. Michael
Publisher:Anthem Press - 2014-10-01


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