Stewards of Light Series, Books 1 Through 4

Stewards of Light Series, Books 1 Through 4

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Books 1 through 4 of the 12 book 'Stewards of Light' series, all in one volume! Fifth grader Blake Drywater is plagued by bullies, doesn't like any of his classes and hates school in general. However everything changes when he has an unusual assortment of strange teachers. He finds himself tricked by a wizard science teacher, has to avoid fang bites by a vampire math teacher, is taken back in time by a leprechaun history teacher and has his memories altered by a werewolf English teacher. Blake soon learns that a potion given to him by his wizard science teacher has transformed his normal wimpy nature, and given him strange and unusual powers. As he begins to discover the extent of his new abilities he finds himself developing an unusual friendship with Donny Poindexter, the worst of the school bullies. But at the end of his adventure with his werewolf English teacher he learns that even friendship is not always what it seems a€bThe little part of me that I still could control retreated into the darkest corner of my mind, just as it had that day I was on the moon about to be hit by an ... The buzzing was from a little remote controlled helicopter that was flying through the room.

Title:Stewards of Light Series, Books 1 Through 4
Author:Duane L. Ostler
Publisher:Duane L Ostler - 2015-05-23


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