Stewart MacFarlane

Stewart MacFarlane

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Still in full development and likely to become one of the most typical representatives of Australian figurative painting, Stewart MacFarlane is a notable contributor to the creation of an Australian identity. Dramatic, colourful, and sometimes shocking, MacFarlane's paintings uncover the intense human dramas that run beneath the civilized order of society. In a framework of stark realism - a realism where recognizable Australian cityscapes, superbly evoked, sum up all Western urban life - the artist suddenly lets loose a surreality of human gesture and emotion, a cryptic enactment that seizes the viewer with its potency. Each of MacFarlane's canvases holds a self-contained design: a woman, or a man, or both together, at a moment in life when the dreams and desires of erotic love have sharply conflicted with reality. Each canvas thus highlights a typical problem of modern sexual relations. But assessed as a group, these pictures go even further, for they span the entire socio-psychology of contemporary life.... of a motor-cycle a€” red tank and blazing headlight; young girl with bare arms, bare head, and hair streaming like fire behind. ... this sombre, rectilinear world in a blaze of bright ochre and carmine, in a flash of white tee-shirt folded in yellow and blue. ... answered by the white spot of the street-lamp (completing a series of balanced skew lines and mirroring triangles). ... but it must be something else again from the opposite house (where the viewer stands), which kindles the ridera#39;s lookanbsp;...

Title:Stewart MacFarlane
Author:Veronique Helmridge-Marsillian, Stewart MacFarlane
Publisher:Fine Art Publishing - 1996-01-01


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