Stock-market Psychology

Stock-market Psychology

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'Stock-Market Psychology gives an excellent overview of the state-of-the-art literature on this subject in the fields of economics, psychology and finance. . . a comprehensive overview of the behavior of investors in the stock market. As such, this book is valuable for the classroom. . . Stock-Market Psychology provides researchers with numerous ideas for future research and readers with useful and fun tips without taking away our hopes of ever becoming rich from investing in stocks. What more is there to ask from a book?' - Joost M.E. Pennings, Journal of Economic Psychology 'George Goodman (Adam Smith) once wrote, qyou can find out who you are by investing in the stock market, but it will be an expensive lessonq. It is far smarter and cheaper to read WAcrneryd's book instead. At a time when global stock markets are driven by emotions and passions, and are highly volatile, Chapter Six will tell you why, far better than a hundred analysts' reports.' - Shlomo Maital, TIM-Technion Institute of Management and the Samuel Neaman Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology, Israel The rationale behind how people value and trade stocks is of unparalleled interest to governments, companies and other participants in stock markets. The book focuses on the way in which investors process information and form expectations about future gains. It argues that humans fall short of the perfect information processing required by theory, and that their expectations are based on more than just future company earnings.In attempting to explain at an early stage the stock market crash of 1929, Keynes (1930) wrote: The pessimism and the atmosphere of disappointment which the stock-market collapse engendered reduced enterprise and lowered the naturalanbsp;...

Title:Stock-market Psychology
Author:Karl Erik W‹rneryd
Publisher:Edward Elgar Publishing - 2001-01-01


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