Strangclyf Secret

Strangclyf Secret

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Bernon of Normandy, known as the Black Bear, weds a woman by proxy to gains a stronghold on the English East coast at The Duke of Normandya€™s prompting before the Norman invasion. Barwolf of Strangclyf wants to prove herself worthy of her new husband as he claims Strangclyf. After a life of drudgery under a father who despised her, she knows submission, but lacks manners. As they battle treachery in Williama€™s court and later at Strangclyf, she proves everything he believed about the evil of women may not be true and he gives her hope for a future without domestic violence. Can the pair actually find love before a traitor destroys their lives?Her end of the craft was riding lower than usual. She found a hole chipped out in the wood near the bottom of the boat ... An Act of Contrition might be a good idea right now too. She lumped all her sins together, told God she was really sorry, anbsp;...

Title:Strangclyf Secret
Author:Mary McCall
Publisher:Champagne Books - 2015-02-02


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