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Drowning in student loans? Cana€™t afford to get married, buy a home, have children? Up to your ears in credit card debt? At last, a book for the under-35 generation that explains why ita€™s not their fault, and what can be done about it. Strapped offers a groundbreaking look at the new obstacle course facing young adults. Getting ahead, argues commentator and policy maven Tamara Draut, is getting harder. A college degree is the new high school diplomaa€“and costs a fortune to obtain. Good jobs are scarcer thanks to stagnant wages and disappearing benefits. And, the cost of everythinga€“starter homes, health coverage, child carea€“keeps going up. Witty and wise, Strapped brims with ideas for fashioning a new kind of America in which every young person can go to college, buy a home, and start a family. The future starts here. From the Trade Paperback edition.their payment in by the minute, but absolutely none for the credit card companies. They can do what they want, ... Leta#39;s say you buy a new computer on your Citibank card at the normal interest rate of 12.99 percent. One month your paymentanbsp;...

Author:Tamara Draut
Publisher:Anchor - 2007-01-09


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