Strategies I Learned Becoming a VP

Strategies I Learned Becoming a VP

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The Cellular explosion in the World Marketplace took our small $50 million a year car telephone business at Motorola and grew it rapidly to over a $15 billion a year huge enterprise. It was an amazing ride, and Motorola had some top talent that made it the leader in the field at least in the early years of Cellular. Yes, I indeed was at first one of the engineers and then one of the leaders in this dramatically expanding field. But more importantly, I was around some of the best leadership talent who helped teach me and others to deal with perhaps the business equivalent of riding white rapids down a raging river. The business experience in this book is not just relevant to the Cellular industry, but I believe transfers well to most other businesses - in my opinion. I have the highest admiration for some of those early leaders in Motorola Cellular and our great Industry Partners and learned much from them. And yes I also did learn some knowledge on my own, and often not the easy way. This book is my attempt to share that knowledge with others willing to read it. My purpose? I wish I knew these items at the beginning. It should not take 40 years to learn them. I do understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that there are perhaps other ways to learn business excellence. But this is the learning I received as I grew rapidly in the Cellular Business explosion. I moved from a low paid starting engineer to a VP in a Fortune 500 Company and then to a Sr. VP in a California startup firm, and then to founding a few small businesses on my own. It has been... a fun ride.... and a tremendous learning experience. And I am now trying to share it with others as openly and honestly as I can. Thank you for reading this, and I indeed do wish you the very best. - Ron Plachno (author)But I will admit that even myself that I now use digital and CD and even DVD recording much more than mini discs. ... We cannot always change the future, but the more we can predict it the better we will do to maximize our lives within it. ... At one time, going to Blockbuster video and renting videotapes was not only the best way to get the movies you wanted to watch, but at ... and then gave you a DVR to record them in the event that the movie was on when you were not able to watch it.

Title:Strategies I Learned Becoming a VP
Author:Ronald J. Plachno
Publisher:Ronald J. Plachno - 2014-01-31


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