Streamlining U. S. Strategy for the Sequester Era

Streamlining U. S. Strategy for the Sequester Era

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Whether the U.S. defense budget is cut through sequestration or more thoughtfully planned measures, U.S. strategy and America's defense posture will be dramatically impacted over the coming decade by reduced spending on defense and national security. Whether in rebalancing America's strategic focus to the Asia-Pacific region; realigning the force structure of the armed forces, especially the U.S. Army; pursuing counterterrorism and other security priorities; and seeking contributions from allies and partners, American policymakers can no longer ignore cost and budgetary constraints when it comes to shaping U.S. strategy and rightsizing America's global security role.In a country with few roads, where a mule train or a helicopter can be the only way to supply a distant police outpost, the ... Also in 2009, the Army finally produced a doctrinal manual for general-purpose forces assigned to conduct the foreign internal defense ... (.pdf) Although the execution of the adviser mission has improved over the past several years, because of its importance to US. success in current.

Title:Streamlining U. S. Strategy for the Sequester Era
Author:Nikolas Gvosdev
Publisher:World Politics Review - 2013-02-28


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