Stress and Peace

Stress and Peace

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We are all looking for life to be joyful, happy, and at peace. Life is not easy and can be very complicated. The simpler we make our life, the easier it becomes. We have mentioned numerous ways to overcome stress and accomplish peace. We may never accomplish complete peace, but we will feel less stress and more at peace during our life. It all depends on how we manage our life, relationship with God, family, friends and others. We face ups and downs in life, which we must learn to accept positively and live with contentment. Life becomes more joyful, hopeful, and peaceful when we learn to love others as they are. The more we love others, the better our life becomes and will provide us more peace and less stress. We share our time, talent, and resources with others in need. We start feeling good about our life and feel more peaceful. God created us with sufficient time, talent, and resources to lead a peaceful life. Along with this, He gave us freedom to lead the life we want. We have been given a choice of living our own way or choosing a life with Him. We see it happen all around us and all throughout the world that sometimes we try to live without Him. Time does not wait for anyone, and we are allowed only a limited time on Earth. It is essential that we live the best we can for us and others. We do not know when life will end. However we must live in happiness, peace, and hope, and when our time comes, we will be at peace.(2) Richard Carlson, PhD, 1961a€“2006, author and motivational speaker (3) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (1929a€“1968), Clergyman, and leader of Civil Rights Movement (4) Aggregate Revolving Consumer Debt Survey (5) National Student Loananbsp;...

Title:Stress and Peace
Author:Stanley V. Johnson MBA
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2013-06-21


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