Stress Response in Pathogenic Bacteria

Stress Response in Pathogenic Bacteria

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The ability of pathogenic bacteria to adapt to various chemical, biochemical and physical conditions within the human host and their ability to respond to stresses generated in these environments is a central feature of infectious diseases and the outcome of bacterial infection. This book covers the key aspects of this rapidly developing field, including the generation of stresses by the host immune system, bacterial response to reactive chemicals, and adaptation to environmental conditions of anatomical niches such as the gut, mouth and urogenital tract. It also addresses the increasing importance of different metal ions in the pathogenesis and survival of specific bacteria. With chapters by active research experts in the field, the book provides a comprehensive outline of the current understanding of this field, the latest developments and where future research is likely to be directed.Hoffman, L.R., Richardson, A.R., Houston, L.S., Kulasekara, H.D., Martens- Habbena, W., Klausen, M., Burns, J.L., ... Ilari, A., Ceci, P., Ferrari, D., Rossi, G.L. and Chiancone, E. (2002) Iron incorporation into Escherichia coli Dps gives rise ... Justino, M.C., Almeida, C.C., Teixeira, M. and Saraiva, L.M. (2007) Escherichia coli di-iron YtfE protein is necessary for the repair of stressdamaged iron-sulfur clusters.

Title:Stress Response in Pathogenic Bacteria
Author:Stephen P. Kidd
Publisher:CABI - 2011


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