Structure of solids

Structure of solids

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This self-contained handbook focuses on the fundamentals important in all areas of solid-state science and serves as a foundation for the rest of the series. From the Contents: Steurer: Elements of Symmetry in Periodic Lattices, Quasicrystals. Pettifor: Electron Theory of Crystal Structure. Saccone/Ferro: Structure of Intermetallic Compounds and Phases. Steeb/Lamparter: Structure of Amorphous and Molten Alloys. Petry/Schober: Lattice Vibrations. Wollenberger: Point Defects in Crystals. Bacon: Dislocations in Crystals. Van Hove: Crystal Surfaces. Finnis/Rhle: Interfaces in Crystalline Solids.... structure 239 - defect fluxes 392 - schematic phase diagram 127 - transition metal -metalloid 260 binary compounds - ground ... 549 Born-von Karman model 304 boron adsorption 509 Bose factor 321 boundary classification 540 boundary anbsp;...

Title:Structure of solids
Author:Robert W. Cahn
Publisher:Wiley-VCH - 1992-12-29


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