Student Practice Test Booklet in Reading and Writing

Student Practice Test Booklet in Reading and Writing

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This test booklet has some unique qualities. It allows the students to get an idea of the kinds of passages and the level of vocabulary used in questioning. But the uniqueness does not end there. The booklet also provides teachers and parents with the instruments that will improve the ability of the children to complete the state tests. Know that teachers and parents can begin by allowing their fourth grade children to work on passages intended for third graders and move forward and vice versa. Other grades can do the same. Everyone has the opportunity to look at the passages and questions presented to the other grades. Note carefully the approaches to the questions, because there is a specific vocabulary used in the questions. There is a wealth of writing exercises that require the students to think deeply. Building stamina is very important. Length of passages and level of difficulty are considered. Each grade is presented with one mini-test and three full length tests. The parents and the teachers can actually simulate the real test and give themselves time to identify the childrena€™s weaknesses and strengths. Therefore, they can work on these weaknesses and reinforce concepts at the same time. At the end of every test there are additional questions designed to challenge the children and encourage the teachers and the parents to create their own questions from the passages. There is a teachera€™s edition that identifies the answers to all questions and the types of questions. For example, there may be questions that require the students to know main idea, authora€™s purpose, compare and contrast and so on. These are indicated in the teachera€™s edition. There are writing exercises for the students to do. Useful hints relating to the kinds of responses are also presented in the teachera€™s edition. A suggested rubric is also included. This book is inclusive of all, including Special Needs Students who must write the same tests as other students, and whose grades and progress impact the general performance of the school.(Persuasive essay) Hint: Remember that clean hands and clean clothing as well as obeying the other rules of hygiene ... (Informational essay) Hint: Consider some food borne diseases such as salmonella poisoning, or water borne diseasesanbsp;...

Title:Student Practice Test Booklet in Reading and Writing
Author:Leslie Knight
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2015-10-13


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