Study guide for Organic chemistry

Study guide for Organic chemistry

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This text\'s clear explanations and descriptions of the mechanisms of chemical reactions teach students how to apply principles in order to predict the outcomes of reactions. Early coverage of acid/base chemistry allows students to quickly grasp the concept that the structures of organic compounds determine their chemical reactivity. This new edition offers a strengthened focus on biological applications that renders the text more accessible to the majority of organic chemistry students and more consistent with the interdisciplinary nature of scientific research. This text\'s unique pedagogy encourages meaningful analysis and evaluation. qA Look Aheadq sections at the beginning of each chapter introduce the chapter\'s main topics and objectives. qOne Small Stepq features apply familiar concepts to new reagents and reactions, encouraging students to analyze material rather than memorize the outcome to each new reaction. qVisualizing the Reactionq features help students recognize important reactions by demonstrating the complete mechanisms for each type of reaction. The qProblem-Solving Skillsq sections offer students a systematic approach to solving organic chemistry problems, allowing them to reason their way to a solution. End-of-chapter materials include a summary that offers a concise review of major concepts or end-of-chapter tables that summarize the reactions that appear in the chapter. New! Complex synthetic concepts and reactions have been moved to chapter 21, which highlights synthetic pathways and strategies and includes new sections on solid-phase syntheses and combinatorial chemistry. New! Biological macromolecules and concepts are discussed in a separate chapter (Chapter 23). New! HM ClassPrep with HM Testing version V.6.1 CD-ROM includes lecture outlines and line art from the textbook in PowerPoint, the Computerized Test Bank and the Word files of the Test Bank in a new, easy-to-use interface with complete cross-platform flexibility, electronic versions of materials from the Instructor\'s Resource Manual, and a transition guide that directs instructors through this new edition. New! Icons in the text highlight chapter material that students can explore in further detail on the student web site and CD-ROM. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is briefly introduced in Chapter 5 to present ideas of symmetry and the chemical equivalence of atoms and groups. The student web site includes qOne Small Stepq problems, selected qVisualizing the Reactionsq features, workbook exercises, concept charts, animations/ simulations, and a glossary. The Study Guide includes solutions to every problem in the text, Concept Maps (key concepts presented in an outline or diagrammatic form), and supplemental problems. Darling\'s Molecular Visions Kit helps students visualize organic structures and reactions. ChemOffice Ltd includes the introductory student version of ChemDraw and Chem3D, CambridgeSoft\'s premiere chemical drawing and modeling programs. The Instructor\'s Manual provides worked-out solutions to qOne Small Stepq problems, as well as supplemental problems for students, advice on teaching organic chemistry, and directions for in-class chemical demonstrations. The Test Bank contains over 1, 200 multiple-choice and cumulative free response questions to accompany the content covered in the text. End-of-chapter tables review the stages of the reactions presented, reminding students of the types of reagents needed, the reactive intermediate involved, and the stereochemistry of the reaction. All problems in the text relate to real-life research performed by chemists.Chapter 8 Alkenes 162 Workbook Exercises 162 Map 8.1 Reactions that form carbocations 165 Map 8.2 Reactions of ... 9.3 Reduction reactions of alkynes 198 Supplemental Problems 206 Chapter 10 The Chemistry of Aromatic Compounds.

Title:Study guide for Organic chemistry
Author:Seyhan N. Eğe
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin College Div - 2003-07-30


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