Substantive Perspectivism: An Essay on Philosophical Concern with Truth

Substantive Perspectivism: An Essay on Philosophical Concern with Truth

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I have been thinking about the philosophical issue of truth for more than two decades. It is one of several fascinating philosophical issues that motivated me to change my primary re ective interest to philosophy after receiving BS in mathem- ics in 1982. Some serious academic work in this connection started around the late eighties when I translated into Chinese a dozen of Donald Davidsona€™s representative essays on truth and meaning and when I assumed translator for Adam Morton who gave a series of lectures on the issue in Beijing (1988), which was co-sponsored by my then institution (Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Science). I have loved the issue both for its own sake (as one speci c major issue in the phil- ophy of language and metaphysics) and for the sake of its signi cant involvement in many philosophical issues in different subjects of philosophy. Having been attracted to the analytic approach, I was then interested in looking at the issue both from the points of view of classical Chinese philosophy and Marxist philosophy, two major styles or frameworks of doing philosophy during that time in China, and from the point of view of contemporary analytic philosophy, which was then less recognized in the Chinese philosophical circle.Bo Mou. Horwich, P., 1982, a€œThree Forms of Realism, a€ Synthese 51: 181a€“201. Horwich, P., 1990 and 1998, Truth, Oxford: Basil Blackwell (1st edition), Oxford: Oxford University Press (2nd edition). Horwich, P., 1995, a€œTruth, a€ The Cambridge anbsp;...

Title:Substantive Perspectivism: An Essay on Philosophical Concern with Truth
Author:Bo Mou
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2009-09-16


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