Suddenly Frugal

Suddenly Frugal

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Many people know one or two things they can do to save money, like cutting back on vacations and meals out, but beyond that, theya€™re stumped. When they look at their current lifestyle, they have no idea where they can trim the fat without sacrificing their quality of life. Thata€™s exactly what this guide will do. It will help you identify small, painless changes you can make to your daily habits that can add up to big savingsa€”while bringing you closer as a family. By grouping these money-saving tips into a room of the house or errand on a to-do list, you can immediately put your suddenly frugal plan into actiona€”and instantly begin saving money. By pinpointing the dollar amount associated with each cost-saving step, financial whiz and mom Leah Ingram will inspire you to embracea€”and enjoya€”your new frugality.Not every drawer, door, or cabinet in our circa 1961 kitchen is worth savinga€”or can be saved. But there are a number ... až Use our contractor to get wholesale prices on cabinets and countertops. If youa#39;re using a ... (Perhaps look into the DIY clinics at Lowea#39;s or Home Depot that I mentioned on page 131.) If you dona#39;t have aanbsp;...

Title:Suddenly Frugal
Author:Leah Ingram
Publisher:Adams Media - 2009-12-18


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