Sugar Sand

Sugar Sand

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Russian immigrant Owen Heron comes to the US to make his fortune in the dotcom boom. When circumstance finds him out of work, he searches for direction in life, and wiles away the hours in the NJ Pine Barrens with his faithful dog. The chance discovery of a small fortune puts Owen back on the path to happiness - or so he thinks. Owen's unwitting a unsavory benefactors are anxious to get their money back, and will risk anything to accomplish their mission -- unless someone or something can stop them.The voice on the other end didna#39;t really sound like Carlos, but then the signal was really weak and he couldna#39;t hear too well. ... It was now so dark that on this quartera€”moon night they could just about see one another at five paces. a€œOkay ... The Lieutenant repeated the number he copied down from the display on Carlosa#39;s phone, along with some detailed instructions. ... Just voicemail. Lieutenant Oa#39;Connella#39;s cell phone rang. a€œOa#39;Connell, a€ he answered. a€œHi, Sue. What da#39;ya have for me?

Title:Sugar Sand
Author:Jeff Behm
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2006-03-07


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