Summary : Unlimited Riches - Robert Shemin

Summary : Unlimited Riches - Robert Shemin

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Complete summary of Robert Shemin's book: qUnlimited Riches: Making Your Fortune in Real Estate Investingq. This summary of the ideas from Robert Shemin's book qUnlimited Richesq shows that real estate is the best wealth-building mechanism available. As well as being the safest form of investment, it is also the most accessible and most lucrative form of investment you can make. For these reasons, every person should include a real estate investment component in their personal financial planning. In his book, the author explains that the only way to invest successfully is qbuy-hold-rentq. This summary demonstrates this strategy in detail and how you can use it to guarantee investment success. Added-value of this summary: a€c Save time a€c Understand key concepts a€c Expand your investment knowledge To learn more, read qUnlimited Richesq and discover how you can make your fortune by investing in real estate.Partner a€“ with others who can provide capital, credit, expertise, repair knowhow, management capacity, etc. Become a rental manager a€“ and offer your services to other real estate investors who would prefer avoiding the hassles of dealinganbsp;...

Title:Summary : Unlimited Riches - Robert Shemin
Author:BusinessNews Publishing
Publisher:Primento - 2014-11-12


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